Why is nationalism important?

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Nationalism is expected to be a significant aspect similar to patriotism in America. The people are expected by the government to be very proud of their nation, and the people are also expected to be devoted to the nation and willing to fight for it. The people of the country will prosper individually as well as society if they work with unity and be committed to the nation. Nationalism is very important in the case of nations which have unity in diversity. There are many small German states which speak nearly the same language in all the small places. Most of the small places will have their own separate cultural and economic status. But the people of Germany living in many small regions of the country will begin to think about being Germans. The people will start to think of having a unified state.

Nationalism is considered very significant in terms of patriotism that unites the nation under one single government. The nationalism helps in reducing the violence inside the state and keeps it away from civil war.

The popularity of literacy in the national languages is a distribution due to the language of the empire. For various economic reasons, the creation of big business markets in Germany and Italy as well as the business of the lower, middle class which was conquered by the foreigners are some of the reasons for the initiation of nationalism.

Nationalism was popularized just after the French Revolution to battle against foreign threats. Nationalism represents the collectiveness of various peoples living in different regions. Nationalism involves unity among the people with the people showing one national culture who are autonomous. Nationalism is classified as integral as a combination of various political goals, social hierarchy, and comradeship between different social classes.

Nationalism is symbolized by national anthems, national flags, and other elements of national identity. Hence, these factors are looked upon as holy as they are given more importance with religious symbols than political symbols. “Nationalism” can be replaced with the term “patriotism,” which reveals the significance of the national unity. Hence, nationalism is important.


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