Why is NCIS so popular?

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Why is NCIS so popular?

NCIS is a very popular show in United States. NCIS stands for naval criminal investigation service. It is television police drama series. This series consists of a team of agents who are especially involved in various criminal investigations. It is the opinion of the people that much of gore is not involved in NCIS and the series does not have boring scenes. NCIS was originally titled as ‘Navy NCIS,. Later ‘Navy, was removed from the title. This series is described with its comic situations and character driven situations.

NCIS involves investigation sequences which deal with major criminal cases. These cases on investigation will end up in punishing the victim under the uniform code of Military Justice. The major case response team (MCRT) of NCIS has their main office at Washington D.C. MCRT is allotted with very popular cases which have high profile like death of U.S. President’s Military aide, any issue related to bomb explosion at US Navy warship, death of any important personality in a public meeting, terrorist wars, and kidnaps.

Normally these days most of the viewers are attracted towards the toppings that add flavor to the episodes. People are fond of some flashy and sparkling scenes which mesmerize the audience. But, there are quite a number of audiences who would like to look into the story, screenplay and characters. NCIS is strong in having good story and the characters liked by several people. Most of the viewers seem to have liked the funny and unpredictable characters.

NCIS fans are very much passionate about the actors in it. Harmon who made the film was loved by many people. After he left the show in 2007, Brennan has continued with the humorous situations that were often shown in the show. Brennan, creator of NCIS says that the comedy seen in this series is a naturalistic humor. The script of this series relates emotionally the characters with the people and hence many viewers love to watch their favorite actors in the show.

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