Why is Nevada the most dangerous state?

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Why is Nevada the most dangerous state?

Nevada is situated at the southwestern, mountain west regions and western areas of United States. Most of the people from this state live in Las Vegas area which is one of the largest cities in this state. Nevada State is seen as a semiarid and desert region. Much of the part of this state lies in the Great Basin. Southern part of Great Basin is situated in the Mojave Desert and the Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada mountains are located in the edge of the western part. Around 86 percent of Nevada land belongs to the United States government. The name of this state has originated from Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Since eight years, Nevada State is considered as a dangerous place in the nation. It was reported that many robberies took place and cars getting stolen was more in this State than in any other State in the country. Among the list of states that were ranked as dangerous states one after another in 2009, Nevada stood as the first one. Nevada was categorized as dangerous state since a long time based on certain activities going on in the state. These activities include murder, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, motor vehicle theft and burglary. The percentage of these activities in the state was more when compared with those occurring all over the country on average. Later, Nevada was marked as more dangerous in these matters than the rest of the places in the United States.

The dangerous status for this state was given to it as it is ranked high in murder rate. The residents at this place are so much afraid of the condition here and they are becoming victims of crimes in this state. Once a resident spoke about his experience in the concerned reports that horrifying letters were sent to his house. These letters say that their children will be kidnapped. Even the grocery stores also began to have security guards for the fear of robbery. There are often screams heard in the near-by places regarding any robbery in the house or when a person was murdered in the next street. As these sorts of events frequently occur in Nevada, this state is considered as dangerous.

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