Why is New Zealand a member of the Common Wealth?

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Why is New Zealand a member of the Common Wealth?

New Zealand was observed to have joined the Common Wealth group in 1931. The country was known to be involved in common wealth activities since a long time. Several common wealth meetings were observed to have been held in New Zealand. This includes the meeting held at Auckland for common wealth heads of government in 1995, a meeting held at Wellington regarding common wealth Parliamentary association in 1998. New Zealand was the venue for three common wealth games. New Zealand was an active financial contributor to common wealth secretariat budget and was found to be the sixth highest contributor in this regard. New Zealand is an active financial contributor to many common wealth organizations.

New Zealand was a British colony from 1840 till 1907, was a common wealth realm and dominion from 1907 till 1947. The Dominions were given legal recognition to be independent in 1931. The Statute of Westminster passed in 1931 was adopted from 1947 by New Zealand. In 1949, the modern common wealth was born. If New Zealand becomes a republic then it was said that it will lose the membership in common wealth nations as it will still have the head of the state as Queen Elizabeth II. They were asked to reapply for the membership if they no longer want the Queen to rule them. This rule was again removed in 2007 and the New Zealand’s membership was confirmed in common wealth nations despite its republic status. The membership of New Zealand was likely to get terminated, But the Common wealth heads of government meeting voted for its existence and hence the country was retained as a common wealth member.

The common wealth ministerial action group comprises New Zealand as its member. New Zealand was found to have involved in enriching the major rules and principles of common wealth nations. New Zealand was an active participant in most of the common wealth missions. Common wealth nations are those that were earlier British colonies. There are currently fifty four countries under common wealth label. Among them 33 are republic, 16 have governor generals and five have local monarchs which includes the United Kingdom.

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