Why is NHS important?

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Why is NHS important?

Health is wealth as what the famous adage says.  In every country to prosper, it needs to have healthy individuals who are able to work and be of service to the development of a nation.  This is why there is NHS or National Health Service.

NHS is a health care system funded by the public in England. This provides the United Kingdom free health services such as dental care, prescriptions, eye tests, and other personal health care.

Once you are a resident of UK, you can enjoy the benefits of NHS especially if you get sick or hospitalized.  It covers almost important areas of health care including in-patient care and long-term care.

The main goal of NHS is to make health care system available to all, rich or poor.  It is based on its principles that it must meet the needs of all the citizens, must be free at any point of delivery, and must be based on the clinical needs and not the ability to pay by the patient.
NHS is very important because it caters to everyone.  The citizens are assured that they will be taken cared of if they get sick at work or at home.  They are insured that the government will support them in times of health problems.  NHS is essential to any ages, young and old.
NHS is valuable to all individuals because it ensures good health of the people and the nation.  If everyone is healthy, there is development.  With NHS, health inequalities are also reduced which means anybody can take advantage of the program despite the status of their life.
Health is indeed a treasure.  With the pursuit of progress, the National Health Service  continues to treat patients with care and value.  It works to ensure access to health information, treatment, and health services.

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