Why is Nike called Nike?

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Why is Nike called Nike?

When talking about shoes, there’s one name which marks in our mind. ‒ Nike. Nike is one of the most famous shoe brands known for its logo The Swoosh”.

Nike is pronounced with two syllables Ni-Key”. Its name was taken from the Greek mythology. She was the goddess of victory symbolizing triumphant encounters. From this, a footwear evolved giving way to today’s popular brand of shoes. The logo swoosh” signifies Nike, the winged goddess who became a great example of courage and chivalry. This is the reason why Nike was called Nike.

The history of Nike started in 1964 when Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, both sports personalities, formed Blue Ribbon Sports. Jeff Johnson, one their salespersons made a great contribution when he told the Knight and Bowerman about his dream. Johnson dreamt of Nike and he suggested this to his bosses. Knight actually had a name in mind which is Dimension 6. But then it was Nike with a swoosh” mark that made a trademark history.

The swoosh” mark was created by a Carolyn Davidson, student from Portland State University taking up graphic design. With her creation, she only received $35.

The Nike Brand had expanded with the introduction of different types of footwear. There was a concept on shoes with rubber spikes and also the tees. With the expansion, a lot of elite athletes began to use Nike. Its popularity reached worldwide. Nike went public in the 80’s. The footwear became even more renowned when basketball superstar Michael Jordan signed a contract as an endorser. In 1986, Nike had reached its $1 billion income.

In 2003, the company bought its rival, Converse and the expansion still went on. Now, Nike does not only sell rubber shoes but also clothing apparels. Now, Nike has already reached prominence which only started with a dream.

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