Why is Nip/Tuck Ending?

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Why is Nip/Tuck Ending?

There have been very few shows recently that grabbed the attention of its viewers and did not let go like the F/X show, Nip Tuck. It is a dark and twisted show that keeps everyone on the edges of their seats from beginning to end in each episode. We all knew, though, that eventually, like any other show before it, it would have to end and be replaced by something else. Many fans seemed to be taken aback by this decision, so I did a little bit of research to find out exactly why the show was ending so abruptly.

After reading a few things on the company’s website and also looking at some similar questions that were asked online, I found that the producers of the show had decided that everything that was needed to be said throughout all of the seasons of the show had already been said. Also, F/X wanted to move to a different direction because there are similar shows that they already have on the channel.

I believe that they should have had at least one more season to keep the viewers into life without the show. I never like it when, midway through the season, a show decides to let everyone know that it will not be coming back for another season. I think that falsely leads the viewers into hanging on and believing that another season will be right around the corner.

Unfortunately, for many of us fans of Nip Tuck, we have seen the last of these guys. It was one of the more original and unique shows on TV and I do not think it will be forgotten anytime soon. I am sure they will be starting new shows with a similar feel and storyline in the future, but we will all know where the plots and twists originated. Nip Tuck will definitely go down as a ground breaking TV show.

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