Why is NJ called the armpit of America?

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Why is NJ called the armpit of America?

New Jersey is a state situated in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic parts of the US. On its north and east is New York, on the south and southeast is the Atlantic Ocean, on its west is Philadelphia and on the southwest is Delaware.

New Jersey is also called as Garden State because it has vast farms covered with vegetables and floral products. Its immense barrel” as what Abraham Browning described is full of good things to eat which is responsible in supplying New York and Philadephia’s food production.

Despite the richness and uniqueness of this state, a lot of people metamorphically coined the phrase Armpit of America to New Jersey because of several reasons:

1. Since it had the highest population with almost 90% of the people living in its urban areas, the state also creates too much garbage and wastes.
2. It has more than a hundred toxic waste dumps which is the highest of all the states.
3. It is the largest chemical producing state in the US.
4. It is also referred as an urban wasteland.
5. Aside from the wastes, people had negative feedbacks about New Jersey such as its dense traffic, boring highway system, and dull neighborhoods.

These painful criticisms had caused people from New Jersey to react since the state has so much to offer. Its long shore and famous beaches are vacationers’ paradise. It is the home of exciting water adventures and Library Science Center.
It also has mountains, rivers, woodland, and farmland. It is even one of the top 5 states in fruit production such as peaches, cranberries, and blueberries. With these beautiful attractions, New Jersey should not be called Garden State for nothing.
On the positive note, New Jersey is referred as Armpit of America because in the map, its land shape looks like an arm clinging at New York.

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