Why is Note Taking important?

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Why is Note Taking important?

We generally listen to the lectures given in our subject with utmost interest. If the lectures are very important to our further assignments, then we take note of the important points in the lecture. The recording of these points and facts will enable us to recall and make use of them after some time in a suitable situation. The exact purpose of note taking is to record, reduce, recite, reflect, and review. Note taking is important as it will help us to store the vital information of the subject which might be of use later.

If we take note of the topics taught to us, we tend to become an effective participant of listening and learning program. Taking note of any subject will allow you to generate meaning for the content in the course done, exclusively by you. This recorded statements and writing will help you to study later and understand the content properly.

Taking notes will help the listener to develop his listening skills, makes him to grasp the main ideas very clearly and sincerely. This exercise will also notice the current organization of the subject material. Apart from noting down the important facts, we can concentrate on the lecturer’s attention and his frame of reference which can also be written down.

The notes taken down during the lecture will provide an indication of the area of the subject dealt with, in order to reproduce it in the exam effectively. Student will encourage taking notes when he or she feels that they are more focused towards the lecture given to him. This will increase the concentration, retaining capacity and understanding of the students. The student will be more attentive in the class by taking notes. Taking notes will make you become an active part of learning program than the passive listener. The actual learning process begins, when the student sorts all the information provided by the lecturer and prepares the easy-to-learn-material for use. Writing on the paper will help you to provide the long term learning process on an external memory device.

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