Why is NPR liberal?

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Why is NPR liberal?

NPR or National Public Radio is a nonprofit media organization in the United States of America. The role of NPR is to produce and distribute news in the country but public radio stations not required to air all NPR programs. NPR was even voted as the most trusted news source in 2005. NPR is known for its programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered. However, in a study conducted in 2005, Morning Edition was found to be a leftist or liberal than other news sources.

Media companies should be neutral in any issue. Journalism must support factual event. But then, there are instances that even trusted networks violate mass media laws. They tend to be bias or liberal because of politics.

Media tends to be liberal bias if they try to voice out what is not in line to the traditions. Sometimes, the media can be too democratic and open-minded that they tend to portray different views from the traditional views. This is the accusation of the public to NPR. It is branded as a liberal station rather than pro-public.

Even its own official ombudsman, Jeffrey Dvorkin, admitted a liberal bias in the station’s programming. This is because there are times when the NPR defends the underdog. This is usually the role of media. It is called sympathy to the oppressed and to be sympathetic is not at all bias.

Sometimes, NPR limits its broadcast especially in considering other perspectives. As a public radio, the editorial process should consider open partisan to let the public hear those unheard ideas.

Listeners of NPR want change in the way it delivers the news. The news must be complete, fair, and beneficial to the public. Opinions from different sections must be aired to give opportunities to ideas that are worthy to report. Lastly, NPR must convince the listeners that its main role is the voice of the public and with this, the issue on liberal bias will end.

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