Why is Nuclear Energy bad?

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Why is Nuclear Energy bad?

The nuclear energy industry is making the government officials to concentrate on the investment on the nuclear energy generation. The scientists say that nuclear energy will save us from economic and environmental problems. Nuclear energy is found to be dangerous, expensive and might generate more problems which cannot be solved. The nuclear power is very expensive. Launching a nuclear power plant will cost about trillions of dollars. The Florida power and light company has estimated the cost of starting a nuclear power plant in the range of $12 and $18 just for one project.

Nuclear energy power generation will not stop our relying on oil supply from the Middle East. There is an argument by the nuclear energy generating scientists that this energy will decrease our oil usage. The oil that we are importing is used to replace the gas in our automobiles while nuclear energy is produced to generate electricity and not the fuel.

Nuclear power generation and its usage are not found to be creating any problems regarding the global warming. Nuclear power is generated from the Uranium and Plutonium fission. The Uranium in nature consists of two isotopes as U-235 and U-238. U-235 is used for nuclear power generation and is unstable atom decay to give away some energized particles. The emitted particles are known to have drastic impact on the human body. The nuclear waste when disposed into the soil and water remain emitting radioactive rays for about few years. When this radiation is released into the environment, the water and soil are polluted and trigger diseases like cancer. The nuclear waste disposal consists of fission products which are very dangerous to the environment.

The uranium used for generating electricity after getting utilized for the purpose will be disposed. There are no places for storage of this type of spent fuel. The radiation dose that is actually required for causing disease is not yet determined. Exposure to Alpha radiation is considered to be more dangerous than beta and gamma radiation.

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