Why is nudism illegal?

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“Nudism” refers to the yearning for public nudity to be accepted in public and to be a legally protected right.  Any person or group who promotes nudity in public settings is considered to be a supporter of nudism.  Although there may be some parts of the law that protects the rights of some people to get naked in public, most countries around the world consider anything about nudism or public nudity as illegal.

For one reason, public nudity, or supporting such kind of activity, lifestyle, or culture may not be accepted by all people.  This simply means that the legal basis for most countries in considering nudism as illegal is more based on moral and/or ethical issues.  Moral standards by most countries around the world literally dictate that people who undress in public or who display their private parts are considered to commit an immoral act. For this reason alone, people who engage in public nudity, for example, are typically arrested and charged accordingly.  For the most part, nudism or nudity is considered not only immoral but also indecent.

There is also the consideration for social or public disturbances, and for this reason also, nudism and anything about public nudity is deemed illegal.  People who support the nudism lifestyle may sometimes get away with their actions with the defense that they are only defending their rights.  In the case of public protests, for example, supporters of public nudity may gather in a public park and advocate to other people their supposed rights.  Although some jurisdictions may allow them to do such activities, many of them will also get arrested later because of the illegal nature of their public exhibition.

Some people also argue that public nudity is not deemed appropriate for children and may corrupt their young minds on what things are supposed to be right or wrong.  There’s also the argument that some people will feel offended of the supposedly indecent undressing in public places.  With all of these arguments, nudism is usually classified as an illegal activity or lifestyle in many countries.

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  1. Doug Lindquist61

    December 31, 2012 4:35 pm

    nudity is legal and practiced in almost every other country. there is no reason why it should not be accepted in the United States.


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