Why is Nursing Research important?

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Why is Nursing Research important?

Nursing research is an area of research which will provide much more intelligent and beneficial service to the humanity. The research in nursing field will channelize the love and care shown to the patients by the nurses. The nurses in their process of research ask many questions and come to know the novel information related to the health care. The research in nursing is important because the care taken by the nurses on the patients will demand some responsibility on them. The nursing practice can be expanded by research. The nursing profession will be identified much more due to the research and development done in this field. The health care of the patients is carried out by the nurse properly and the nursing experience can be understood properly by the research experience.

Research is significant for the improvement of further knowledge in nursing. The research in nursing creates information in this field which will explain the unique responsibility of nurse in his or her profession. The accountability of nurses in taking care of the patients can be shown professionally when they imply the research evidences in taking care of the patients. The research in nursing will measure the capability and efficiency of nurses. Research also can improve their practicing abilities in rendering their services. Research will make the nurses to reduce the unnecessary costs of health care, the amount spent on trial and error done in health care and administration of unsafe drugs can be reduced or completely stopped.

The research will enable the nurses to take proper decisions at every phase of their health care process which is taught by research. Research will allow them to understand about the situation in nursing much better on which very little was known earlier. Research also allows them to decide about the drug whether it is necessary to be given to the patient or not. Research helps the nurses to plan for the nursing process, to predict what could be the probable result of a nursing care, and avoid the unnecessary results.

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