Why is Nutella so good?

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Why is Nutella so good?

Nutella is a spread that was created in the early 1940s by a brilliant man named Pietro Ferrero. Mister Pietro Ferrero was renowned pastry chef and is the owner of the Ferrero Company. During the Second World War, there was a scarcity on chocolates. And on that same period, Mr. Ferrero thought of substituting cocoa with hazelnuts. Hazelnuts were found to abundant in the north western region of Italy that it gave the magnificent chef to use it in extending the chocolate supply. And in 1964, Nutella earned its name after being shipped from the factory of Alba, where this mouth-watering spread was first made.
Nutella is a creamy spread made from hazelnut, skim milk and some sprinkles of cocoa. Nutella is certified to be free from preservatives and artificial colors which allow the main ingredients of various kinds of hazelnuts contained in each jar. Hazelnut, the main ingredient, is the most significant reason why Nutella is so good. It’s sweet, creamy, smooth taste and texture makes eating so satisfying even in the absence of chocolate. Fabulously ideal to be served during breakfasts, Nutella can be spread in various whole grain products such as bread, biscuits, waffles, muffins and even in combination with fruits. With an easy and quick way of preparing an interesting, balanced meal, it’s not just kids who will love them but all the age groups as well. Though it may have a significant amount of fat content, it is accompanied by other beneficial nutritional elements such as calcium, fiber, magnesium and phosphorus.
Today, the lusciousness and sumptuous taste of Nutella has conquered most parts of the world and across all nations. The awesome aroma and unique taste only found in Nutella is indeed captivating that one can spread a Nutella smile.

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