Why is occupational health and safety important?

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When talking about occupational health and safety, many people will immediately consider their own working environment and conditions.  For the millions of employees in various businesses and companies around the globe, workplace safety and health standards are important factors for their well-being.  In the case of business owners, the employees’ welfare should also be a priority especially in terms of safety in the workplace.  With good occupational health and safety standards being implemented, both the business side and the employees’ side will reap benefits.  With various benefits to all parties involved, work safety and health guidelines are very important to implement.

On the side of businesses, occupational health and safety standards mean that most employees will stay and keep their jobs.  If employees are given a safe place to do their tasks, then they are more likely to focus on their jobs despite everyday concerns.  If the employees’ health and well-being are also well taken care of, then most of them will also feel valued.  All of these positive feelings will help the employees become more productive with less tardiness and absences.  Overall, the businesses will be able to run smoothly with increased employee efficiency and productivity.  Businesses will also get a good word-of-mouth reputation which may become helpful when dealing with other businesses or implementing new projects involving the community.

As for the employees, having to work every day in a safe and healthy environment is already an important experience.  If their needs are being addressed in terms of health and safety, many of them will definitely feel that their bosses and business owners are also concerned about their welfare.  Just to have that feeling of being listened to and understood in terms of working conditions is more than enough for many employees to be happy with their jobs.  With a positive, day-to-day experience in the workplace, employees will become more energized and motivated to help achieve the company’s goals.

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