Why is October the month Of the Rosary?

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Why is October the month of the Rosary?

The Rosary is a traditional Catholic devotion to the mother of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Derived from the Latin word rosarium, Rosary literally means crown of roses or rose garden. The Holy Rosary is considered a perfect prayer because it underlies the awesome story of salvation. The Rosary is represented in beads following the sequence of prayers from the Lord’s Prayer, to Hail Mary to Glory Be. As the prayers for the Holy Rosary are recited, the Mysteries accompany it accounting the life of Jesus. Within the Rosary is a meditation of the mysteries of joy, of sorrow and the glory of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.
Today, the feast of the Holy Rosary is annually celebrated during the month of October. October has become one significant month for the Catholic faith because the veneration of the Crown of Roses is celebrated. How October became the month for the feast dates back to October 7, 1571. It was on this date that the Battle of Lepanto was won by the Christians against the Mohammedans. The defeat was believed to be due to the Holy Mother’s assistance and thus, the victory was attributed to her. And throughout the history of Europe, the Rosary was recited to aid the Christians in the battles, and all acclaimed victories were offered and celebrated in Mother Mary’s honor. It was Saint Pius V who established the 7th of October to be the date for Mary. Soon, the whole month was offered to Her, in celebration of Her goodness, mercy and love for mankind.
Today, the Rosary remains to stand firm on what it represents. To win against infidelity, failure and grief, and to safeguard family peace and holiness, the Rosary continues to be the most powerful tool.

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