Why is Odor a chemical change?

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Why is Odor a chemical change?

Chemical change is one property of matter where changes in the original composition of a thing or a substance occur without maintaining the ability of such matter to be returned to its original state or form. Chemical change produces new substances that were made from two or more elements. In the process of chemical change, the composition of the original matter is altered. Some its components may be eliminated or rearranged while other elements may be added to achieve a new substance unique to the substances combined. The most common chemical change that occurs is combustion, where carbon dioxide and water are produced after the process of burning combine fuel and oxidant. Other chemical changes are decomposition, photosynthesis, and oxidation. Cooking and ripening are chemical changes as well.
One controversial characteristic involved in the properties of matter, physical and chemical that is, is odor. Many scientists, lab personnel and science researchers have categorized this characteristic to be under physical change. Physical change is achieved when substances remain to be in their original state or form, without altering its composition. Examples of physical properties are melting point, color, solubility and conductivity among many others. However, studies have shown that odor, known to be under matter’s physical property, is a chemical change. It is indeed a chemical change because once two substances with different odors are mixed; they produce another smell that is totally distinct from the original substances combined. More so, odor is a chemical change because it is considered to be one of the many indicators that a chemical reaction is taking place. Odor is also one characteristic that can be highly distinguished by its mere difference. Therefore, it is but right to categorize odor changes to be under the chemical property of matter.

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