Why is Odysseus a hero?

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Why is Odysseus a hero?

Odysseus was ruling the place called Ithaca. He became popular based on his contribution to the Trojan War. His story was described by Homer in his work called ‘Odyssey,. He was described in this story as clever, eloquent and cunning. The Helen of Troy had to choose her husband. Menelaus could marry Helen. When Helen escaped to Troy, Odysseus pretended to avoid the War and plough the land and sow salt instead of seeds in it. He stopped doing this when his son, Telemachus was placed in front of his plow.
In order to defeat the people in the War he utilized his cunningness and insincere behavior in the battle field. He made the generals of Greek to award him. He planned for Trojan horse which was responsible for winning the war. The Odysseus men who forgot their mission objectives after getting back from the War were pulled by him towards the ships. Odysseus travelled in the sea and met one-eyed giants called as Cyclops. Odysseus and his men were locked in a cave and this cave was ruled by Polyphemus. Odysseus escaped from the head of the group and arrested them.
Odysseus reached another island where his men were transformed into Swine by Circe. With the help of Hermes Odysseus changed his men back. He married Circe and his crew was properly served by Circe. He met another bird woman called Sirens and protected his men from Sirens. Those who listen to Sirens will lose themselves and forget their purpose. Later, they will die of starvation. He could save himself and his men from Sirens. They travelled to the narrow Strait of Messina to pass by the Wandering rocks. Six of his men were eaten by a beast called Scylla.
Then Odysseus and his team reached the island of Thrinacia where his men were killed by Zeus for having killed divine cattle of sun-god. Later, he lived with Calypso who is the daughter of Zeus. He escaped a storm created by Poseidon and finally reached the island of Phaecians where he was adored. At last he killed all the suitors who were brought for his wife Penelope to select one among them and remarry. After being away for 20 years and having faced so many difficulties while returning to his place, Odysseus was considered as a hero.

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