Why is Offshore Drilling bad?

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Why is Offshore Drilling bad?

Offshore drilling is considered as a dangerous to the marine life and also to the environment. Many experts are keen in suggesting the US government to spend its resources for making use of the offshore wind as source of renewable energy. Offshore drilling can diminish job opportunities. The jobs are created somewhere very far from the cities and offshore drilling will destroy the climate by bringing some devastating changes in it. The resources that are used in the offshore drilling are utilized in competence with method of getting transformed into renewable energy. Moreover, offshore drilling is very expensive to get the product to the market after exhausting all the resources.
Experts say that, in view of the job opportunities, cost effectiveness and loss of hygienic climate, working on the renewable energy source like offshore wind is more beneficial than offshore drilling. The coastal people also will have to face some problems due to offshore drilling. They generally depend on the clean waters and balanced ecosystem. Any disturbance in the climate and waters will affect the healthy environment of the coastal communities. There is a wrong notion that offshore oil drilling might influence the gas prices in future which is not at all correct. There will not be any significant effect of offshore oil drilling on gas prices.
Oil drilling at offshore is considered as just a money making procedure for the oil companies who are already earning record breaking amounts. The oil usage by Americans is about twenty five percent of world’s oil and it has only three percent of world oil reserves. Hence import of oil should continue in US. This says that offshore oil drilling is not going to bring any significant relief to the overall economy. Offshore drilling for oil might result in usage and burning of fossil fuel very much. This might lead to global warming. It is always better to shift from fossil fuel or oil usage to renewable energy usage. As it is good to depend on renewable energy in future rather on oil, offshore oil drilling which can cause bad to the environment should be stopped.

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