Why is Ohio the birthplace of Aviation?

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Why is Ohio the birthplace of Aviation?

Two men from Dayton have brought changes in the human history in 1903. Those two were Wilbur and Orville Wright who invented airplane in their cycle shop. After about 6 decades, Neil Armstrong from the Wapakoneta area could land on the moon for the first time. The legacy of aviation at Ohio was honored with ten sites that have historical significance. These ten sites indicate the importance of aviation at Ohio. These sites were called by the Congress as National Aviation Heritage Area.  Some of those sites are National Museum of the United States Air Force, The World’s largest military Aviation Museum, Huffman Prairie flying field and so on.

The fact that Dayton, Ohio is the birth place of aviation was officially announced by the United States government. The parliamentary house of United States has voted 378-3 in support of a resolution passed regarding Dayton, Ohio as the place where the aviation began. This proposal was passed in the Senate in June 2003. Though Dayton was officially declared as the birth place of aviation, north Carolinians were arguing that the first flight by Wright brothers was made at Kitty Hawk where the flight was made on 17th December, 1903. The 3 votes against the resolution passed by the United States house of Parliament were given by the representatives from North Carolina.

Though the famous flight testing was done at Kitty Hawk, the Wright brothers were born in Ohio and performed all their experiments that led to the invention at Ohio itself. The discovery of certain principles of aeronautics and building wind tunnels happened in Ohio. Kitty Hawk was only the test site and nothing more was done by the Wright brothers over there. The first practical airplane was built and was made to work at Huffman Prairie, Ohio. Ohio has many places that can make us remember the events related to first aviation. They are Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Wright State University, and so on. All these were established in Ohio as it has so much importance in this field. Hence, Ohio is the birth place of aviation.

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