Why is ohm’s law important?

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Why is ohm’s law important?

Ohm’s law states the relationship between voltage (E), current (I), and resistance (R).  The equation is simplified as E = I x R.

This law explains the how the most important concepts of electricity relate to each other.  It is beneficial to us because it helps us calculate currents and voltages in circuits.  Without the Ohm’s law, there will be no electricity at all.  Therefore, the major importance of this law is that, it allows us to enjoy the uses of our appliances now such as TV, refrigerator, Players, etc.

Ohm’s law is also applied in circuit connections such as computing the power equation. With this, it is easier to understand how to wire electrical components without the fear of low voltage or electric shock. Parallel or series wiring can be applied appropriately if ohm’s law is understood.

Georg Ohm discovered this law in 1827 while he was experimenting on how metals an be used to conduct electricity.  He found out that the equation E = I x R can be used in AC and DC circuits.

AC means alternating current which flows one way and continually changing between positive or negative. DC means direct current which flows in one direction but may increase or decrease.  DC is always positive or negative but not both.

By applying the Ohm’s law, one can determine how much voltage is used in the circuits or how much current can be applied, or what kind of resistance will be used.  In the equation, there are three variables so if one variable is missing, it is easier to compute by using the equation.

Ohm’s law does not only determine the voltage of a certain appliance but it can also verify the current or resistance.  If the voltage and resistance are given, current can be measured If the current and voltage are present, then the resistance can still be measured.  This is how ohm’s law works that’s why its importance could not be underestimated.

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