Why is Oklahoma State called the Pokes?

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Why is Oklahoma State called the Pokes?

Oklahoma was declared on November 16, 1907 as the 47th state of the United States of America. Claimed to be the 27th most populated and the 20th biggest state in America, Oklahoma got its name from a combination of words, okla and humma, of which is in the Native American language. Okla means people and humma means red. Combining the two words, Oklahoma means red people. Informally named as The Sooner State, Oklahoma is located in an essential geography where, in the accounts of its history, cattle herds were driven, settlers from the south opted to reside in the state and Native American government claimed it as its political venue.

Aside from Oklahoma’s unofficial alternative name The Sooner State, the state of Oklahoma has other acceptable names. Oklahoma State, OSU, O-State, Cowboys, and Pokes are among the names Oklahoma can be called. Many query of why the state is called the Pokes, especially in the field of sports. The Pokes is the short form of the word cowpokes. Many have agreed that cowpokes mean a hired hand that attends to a herd of cattle, just like a shepherd who tends to his herd of sheep. Cowpokes is claimed to be a slang English term for the word cowboy. And in Oklahoma, the citizens of the state, especially members of the sports teams are said to be cowboys. They were labeled to be cowboys because one of the major industries of Oklahoma is cattle production and the prominent animal is cows. And to live up with their name, they are all encouraged to tend to their herd”.

With its rich history, culture and eccentric geography, Oklahoma today, continues to boom and bloom as major industries flourish and other minor businesses start to interestingly sprout.

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