Why is Ole Miss changing their mascot?

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Why is ole miss changing their mascot?

Ole Miss is a name referring to the University of Mississippi. Having a significant part in the history of the United States of America, this academic institution played a great contribution to defend the nation. Its Lyceum, the oldest building found within the University, continues to stand firm today as a representation of making a mark in America’s history. Today, the University of Mississippi, affectionately called as Ole Miss, remains to be one of the most prominent, well standardized establishments for education, which aims to impart and provide sufficient knowledge, exemplary skills and justified holistic personality to its students, who can become future leaders of the world and of the nation.
As a university, the administrators also aim to hone its students not just in the academic field but also in the physical and technical aspects as well. in order to achieve such aim, the university encourages its students to participate in all the activities, especially lined up for them. However,, one major issue navigates within the compound s of Ole Miss. This issue concerns about the changing of their mascot Colonel Reb. Colonel Reb is an old man, with a white beard and a white brimmed hat. He first represented Ole Miss in 1970. Said to be a tribute to an old black man who sold peanuts around the campus during the period where blacks were banned from going to school, many protested for it to be changed. Ole Miss is changing their mascot because they realized they have to keep up with the changing times and many perceive it to be outdated and super laid back.
Until this day, the University of Mississippi is still in the process finding Colonel Reb’s replacement, one which is of more significance to the institution.

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