Why is Oligarchy important?

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Why is Oligarchy important?

I do not agree with the principles of an oligarchic type of government. Although no matter how hard we deny it, there are still some instances wherein we can say that oligarchy is present even in a state ruled by democracy. Whether it is important or not is still debatable. For me, it depends on the motive of the people who rule and the people they rule at.

What is oligarchy? According to Aristotle, oligarchy refers to the rule of few a government controlled by a minority which consists of rich and powerful people or what you may call as the aristocrats or the nobles. For Aristotle, it was a bad form of government as the ruling group is more concerned about their own interest disregarding that majority of the less fortunate.

An oligarchy usually works when a certain group of people are in charge of the ruler-ship. These people may be elected, sometimes born into position while at other times just having an enormous amount of wealth or land can get you into the council. This council will meet every so often to discuss things and decide about important matters concerning their ruler-ship.

In the present age, oligarchy, although not boldly implemented in a government can still be visible in some places. Some even say that there is really no democracy in a democratic government because there will always be that elite’ group of politicians who will strive for power to rule the government.

In a sense, you can say that most countries are oligarchies because they are being ruled by a small elite group called politicians’. It the 21st century, these small elite groups can either come from educational institutions or influential economic entities such as banks and other commercial entities or organizations.

Determining which system contains oligarchies can be difficult as no one will openly admit it so one must perceive it through the actions of the institutions and its sustainers involved.

In conclusion, oligarchy may be important for those who seek power through their own means as it is their only way to get what they want. But of course, there are still those who really think about the welfare of others and want use their power to show their care and sympathy for the people they govern.

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