Why is Omaha so humid in the summer?

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Why is Omaha so humid in the summer?

Omaha is a place where it will be very cold in winter and very hot in the summer. Omaha does not have mountains and ocean. Omaha also does not have bad weather like that of south and east. The climate in Omaha will not be gloomy and rainy as it is seen in west. It is not too hot as in southwest. During the summer, Omaha seems to be very hot and humid as the snow fall will be more. The fall enters with changing colors of the leaves and the temperatures will be dropped. Spring gets beautiful flowers that were blooming and the trees with filled leaves.

Omaha is flat and dry place. Weather is just unpredictable in this place. Apart from the absence of oceans and mountains, there are no small river bodies seen here. The lakes that are seen here are dirty and untidy. Humid continental climate which has typically warm to hot summers and very cold winters was characteristically found to be present in certain places in the world. The humidity levels are found to be very high in areas where humid continental climate is prevailing. A location will be said as humid’ only when it is not arid or semi-arid. It does not mean that humidity in that area is too high. Humid continental climate usually spans the regions above 40 degree North latitude. Those regions include northeastern and central areas of North America, Europe and Asia. This climate is not found in Southern Hemisphere as large oceanic bodies are present in the south regions.

The characteristic temperature of humid continental climate is 26.6 degree F in cold months and 50 degree F in summer months. The location here will not be semi-arid or arid. The hot versions of the continental climate were found to reach to an average of 71.6 degree F. In the months of July and August the temperatures of hot continental climate regions will be ranging from 79 degree F to 90 degree F. This type of hot climate is present in many regions which also include areas that fall between 39 degree north latitude to 44 degree north latitude. The Midwestern Unites States, Ontario-Canada, Mid-Atlantic States, Southern New England fall in this region. The eastern part of Nebraska which comprises of Omaha belongs to this category. Hence, Omaha is humid in summers. While western parts of Nebraska is again very cold.

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