Why is Oprah Winfrey Famous?

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Why is Oprah Winfrey Famous?

Oprah Winfrey is not simply one of the many African American entrepreneurs in America. She is a true example of someone who has come through many trials and tribulations and has defeated them thoroughly. She is a self-made miracle, rising from extreme poverty to one of the richest women in the world; at one point, she was the only African-American billionaire. It was by no one’s help or hard work other than her own that brought her to this fame.

She was raped when she was 9, and became pregnant at 14, her son dying in infancy. She got a job at a radio and rose to be a co-anchor on the evening news by the time she was 19. She was soon able to begin her own production company and soon afterwards became an international syndicate. She is now one of the most celebrated and admired women in the world.

She arguably has more influence on the world, and especially America, than university professors, politicians, and religious leaders. And yet, despite her enormous wealth and power, she remains one of the most humble and caring people on the planet. She is one of the largest philanthropists, the greatest African American givers in the History of America.

She even has her own talk show, the highest rated program of its kind. She is an extremely intelligent women, and centered her show around discussions of literature, self-improvement and spirituality, where she became even more of a benefactor to others, even overcoming her own problems and sharing her experiences with others.

She was one of the early supporters of Barack Obama, a support which likely helped him gain just enough more support over Hillary Clinton, and is estimated to have generated more than a million votes for him in the Democratic primary. This supposed feat earned her an offer to the U.S. Senate by the governor of Illinois, to fill the seat now unoccupied by Obama. And although she did think that she could be a senator, she was not interested in the position.

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