Why is Organic food better?

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Why is organic food better?

When we visit the groceries to shop for food, we find ourselves choosing the conventional or the organic food.

While organic food costs more than conventional food, it is still preferred by a number of consumers, as they are known to be beneficial to our health and to the environment.

Organic food tastes better

People will always consider how the food they eat tastes, and will naturally go for the food their taste buds approve of. Evidently, those who have started buying and eating organic food have positively favored it, particularly in the case of milk products. According to them, organic milk tastes so much better. Organic apples are also known to be juicier, sweeter and firmer.

Safer, and contains more nutrients

Organic food is derived from farms where no pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical-based sprays are used. These chemicals, as we know, cannot be rinsed off easily by running water, and certain contents remain in the food we eat. From this point of view, we can analyze how safe organic food is for our health, as it eliminates toxins which are major cause of cancers.

Reliable scientific studies show that organically grown and harvested crops contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamins (A, C, E, B), Calcium and fiber. And for consumers like us, healthy food is always good.

Organic food helps our environment

Organic soil from where organic crops are derived contains microorganisms that carry carbon. Studies show that agricultural farms managed organically store a higher carbon content, which helps fight against global warming by reducing greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

The decision is definitely ours to make. We have been used to conventional food, but if we see an alternative which we believe can give numerous benefits to us and to our planet, it may be worth the try to go organic.

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