Why is Orientation important?

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Why is Orientation important?

In every organization or group, there should be an orientation to welcome new members. This is important because it is the first step to take before embracing the responsibilities.

In school, orientation is important because it reviews everything what a student should do. Things like rules and regulations, proper school uniform, class schedule, and campus personnel are being introduced so that the student will be provided with enough information. Orientation is also one way to ask questions if there are confusions and clarifications.

In companies and workplaces, orientation is also important to make new employers comfortable with their working environment. During orientation, important matters are discussed such as job regulations, compensations, benefits, and technical aspects of the job.

If there is orientation, the company can save money because employees are taught what to do with their assignments. The more knowledgeable they are, the faster they work. The company can also save time because new employees are taught one time only. There is no need to repeat the rules an d other matters because everything had been ironed out during the orientation.

Orientation also develops camaraderie among colleagues. If there is an organization meeting where all workers attend, each will be given a chance to know each other. If there is camaraderie, a more harmonious working relationship will be achieved. It can also reduce stress among new members because they have been properly oriented on what to do. There will be less stress and anxiety because new members will have no doubts and questions regarding the responsibilities they are holding.

Mistakes can be avoided if there is an orientation. The members of an organization will be guided properly on what to do. It is important that students, employees, and members should know what the organization expects from them so that in return, they will also do their responsibility with a positive attitude.

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