Why Is Orkut Banned in UAE?

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Why Is Orkut Banned in UAE?

The United Arab of Emirates is one of the many countries of today who are very strong in preserving their culture and traditions. One of it’s many cultural heritage is its steadfast practice of Islamic beliefs and traditions which is also reflects how conservative and refined they are when it comes to implementing its government laws and policies. Despite the fact that the United States of Emirates’ government has remained open to other religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and the like they obviously still prefer to abide by the standards of Islamic decorum in running it’s laws.

On of UAE’s most common practices is how women are perceived by the society. Islamic women are expected to guard ad carry themselves with complete modesty. They are not allowed to engage in pre or extra-marital relations and are made to wear layers and layers of clothes and even head dresses to hide their skin for the critical eye of many. One of the many reasons as to why Islamic women are obliged to do so is to prevent them from invoking any sexual invitations to the opposite sex.

With the Internet nowadays wherein everything both informative and profane information is accessible, preserving such culture might be a little more difficult than it used to be. That is why, like China, the United Arab of Emirates Government took it upon them to censor some sites that indirectly promote sexual promiscuity among people. One of the sites that they have banned is Orkut.com. This is so because of some sexually obscene things that were reported to be posted on the site. A lot of complaints were filed by UAE residents because they deemed the site’s content as sexually explicit materials that can greatly harm the social norms that the United Arab of Emirates have been protecting and preserving for quite a time now.

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