Why Is Ortiz Fighting Liddell?

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Why Is Ortiz Fighting Liddell?

Ortiz or Jacob Christopher ‘Tito, Ortiz, is the American Mixed Martial Arts Light Heavy Weight Champion of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) from April 14, 2000 to September 26, 2003. He is also known as the most ‘popular fighter, during his time and has the biggest pay per view draw in 2006.

Charles David ‘Chuck, Liddell on the other hand was and expert on Kenpo Karate, Kick boxing and Koei-Kan karate. He is known to have brought the popularity of the mixed martial arts in the American sports and entertainment industry.

The fight between these two legendary fighters for the third time; had been the talk of fans for as long as anyone can remember. The problem is the ‘supposed, fight was cancelled and the reasons behind it were promised to be revealed if they watch the UFC 115 on June 12.
Liddell has fought Ortiz twice and beat him on those two occasions. He said that the result of the third would had been automatic but that remained to be seen. Ortiz was forced to withdraw and he was replaced by Rich Franklin.

Chuck Liddell and Rich Franklin haven’t encountered each other on the ring before and this is one of the reasons why even if the match between Ortiz and Liddell didn’t push through, it is still an interesting match to see. Both fighters had said that the other won’t see what is coming until they face each other on the Octagon. Clearly this is a match up that everyone will love to see.

Ortiz is rumored to be retiring and that is the supposed reason on his withdrawal on the match with Chuck. Although fans were greatly disappointed about the announcement, they can’t do anything about it. That is probably how the entertainment world works and that is what makes the money flowing.

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