Why is Othello famous?

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Why is Othello famous?

Othello is the main character in William Shakespeare’s tragic play of Othello, The Moor of the Venice. Inspired by Italian author, Cinthio’s “Un Capitano Moro” (“A Moorish Captain”), William Shakespeare worked his brilliance out by making Othello, which until this time is taught and learned by many. Although no accounts were seen of William Shakespeare publishing any of his magnificent works, Othello was first performed during the Elizabethan era, where a demand for new entertainment was intense. Also, a copy of Othello was included in the compilation of his plays which was published only after seven years from his death by two of his fellow actors having the names John Hemminges and Henry Condell.

First performed at the White Hall in London on November 1, 1604, Othello has become one of the most favored play to be performed. From stages to theaters and now to films, Othello even touched the world of orchestra and ballet. Although Othello is an origin of the historical literature, it continues to captivate audiences who are endeared to witness the tragic, cosmic play created by the famous playwright, William Shakespeare. The reason why the story of Othello continues to run in the main streets is because of the interplay of themes that is contained in the script. Racism, love, honor, judgment, jealousy, trust and betrayal are intense expressions that can be perfectly seen in this one single, extraordinary piece of work. The tragedy that revolves around the life of Othello as intensified by greed and wickedness of the Iago’s character and supported by strong personalities of the other characters makes the play more captivating and interesting to watch.

The fame of Othello lives on because of one brilliant man behind the words of this script, the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare.

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