Why is Otzi special?

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Why is Otzi special?

A German couple, who were climbing the Alps Mountains in the year 1991 and in the month of September, could identify a human corpse buried in the ice. They saw the body trapped in the ice at the height of 10500 feet. This human body was found to be of a man who lived in 3300 B.C and was found to be the oldest body that was completely preserved. This body is now known as Otzi which is named after the Otztaler Alps, the mountain where it was found. This body was found to have belonged to a man who was dark and probably he was 40-year old when he died. His height was five feet and two inches.

Otzi is special because his body was found trapped as it is with the daily clothing and some equipment attached to the body. Usually the dead bodies will be buried in graves along with special clothes and materials that are necessary for the life after death. The tools that were kept along with otzi gave lot of information about the age. These tools were found to be very important in prehistoric times and were made of organic material. Generally, these kinds of objects get destroyed with time. But, the objects kept along with Otzi were lying in the ice trapped and they were preserved well in the ice.

Otzi was available in the Similaun Glacier in Otztaler Alps found in South Tyrol at Austria. He is otherwise called as Similaun man or Ice man. He was found to have been suffering from illness and was tired very much when severe fog killed him. His finger nails indicated that he had some crippling disease very often and his ribs were fractured. The equipment kept along with him displayed several kinds of wood and various techniques of working with grasses and leather. Some of the equipment found includes cape of woven grass, a goat-hide coat, leather leggings and loin cloth, an unfinished long bow, and so on.

Recent investigations revealed that he had injuries in left shoulder, cuts in hands, wrists and ribcage. Blood of someone else was found on his clothes and weapons. He was found to have fought with someone before he was killed. Otzi is now available in a freezer displayed in Bolzano Museum at Northern Italy. He is also reconstructed and displayed there, which would have been his appearance when he was living.

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