Why is owl city so popular?

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Why is owl city so popular?

Owl City was created under the brilliance of a lad named Adam Young. This American electronic pop musical project was just an experiment by Young in his parent’s basement. Adam Young is an employee of Coca-Cola Factory in his hometown in Minnesota. Thanks to his insomnia while at work, he diverted to composing some music. As he uploaded songs only at MySpace, this man discovered that many people had viewed his compositions, made his way to gaining popularity and eventually found himself signing a contract in a huge music industry.

Today, many artists have emerged online but not all make it to limelight. But for Owl City, its light continues to shine amidst the many competitions in the music business. Because of Young’s simple rise to stardom, it is not a wonder to all why he is still making it to the top. The songs are all creations of the mind, dreamy and full of fantasy, incorporated with places Young has never been to. Aside from that, Young claims that the contents of his music and lyrics never gear towards making people object and complain of what it means. This is inclined with Young’s strong Baptist faith although he never bragged about being one. That is why not only adult people listen to his music but also almost all those belonging in the extreme age groups such as the young and the elder adults. Another reason for his popularity is because, despite doing it solo, he is still able to captivate a lot of listeners who are able to appreciate the songs and understand it.

Owl City is now an icon to many people today but this did not change a bit of him. Instead, his popularity motivated him to impart more good music.

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