Why is ownership important?

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Ownership gives anyone a sense of accomplishment that the object is of their own and does not belong to anyone. For a student to learn more and develop himself, it is necessary for him to have interest in learning. A student should have a sense of ownership to satisfy his interest in learning. This kind of self interest can bring success to every person in his endeavors.

Home ownership is also considered very important. Owning a home is common in the rural and suburban areas. Intensity of Home ownership depends on features like ethnicity, race, location of the house, type of settlement and type of household. Home ownership is strictly followed these days in America and about 62 percent of Americans own their houses since 1960. Owning a house gives lot of satisfaction. The income of the people who live in their own house will be higher and they can divert the funds to fulfill their other interests. It is important to own a house if we want to live comfortably with the life style of our choice.

Software ownership is another aspect that exemplifies the importance of ownership. Ownership on software will offer you the freedom to use it as per your wish. A software company can work on the product as per the requirements of its client. Later, the company can convince the client to buy their product. This can be done only if the company workers experience the feeling of ownership. Software ownership will enable an individual not to look out for immediate profits using cheap and easy resources. Though running the business is an important motive of a managing director, software owner looks for business and IT professionals, who have already great record in software development and business. Ã’šÃ‚ Ownership on software can make the person to select professionals who are dedicated to his business and work with his company closely.

Ownership develops a sense of dedication, commitment and loyalty towards working with the owned commodity. Hence it is important.

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