Why is Ozone an important form of oxygen?

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Why is Ozone an important form of oxygen?

Ozone is a triatomic molecule which means it is composed of three atoms. It is an important form of oxygen especially if it is located in the upper atmosphere. Ozone is a highly reactive gas. It can affect the environment in good or bad ways.

Ozone found in the troposphere is harmful to men because it is human-made. Ozone is a pollutant which is hazardous to health if it is located in the lower ground. However, ozone can be very helpful when it is located in the stratosphere. It serves as a protective layer of the earth protecting us from harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

In the earth’s atmosphere is a blanket called ozone layer. When the sun strikes the earth, it brings with ultra-violet rays which can cause skin cancer, eye problems, and more life-threatening illnesses. The ozone layer absorbs the UV rays before it harms us.

Ozone layer blocks UV rays and harmful radiation that might also damage our DNA. The ozone serves as a greenhouse gas that moderates the temperature of the earth. When it’s too hot, we only feel moderate heat because there’s the ozone layer that helps absorb the heat. It does not only protect human beings but also the environment. The trees and animals are also sheltered from the radiation emitted by the sun.

Ozone is also an important form of oxygen because it can be used as a powerful disinfectant. Several studies have been conducted proving that ozone can be used as anti-pollutant in water and air. Ozone can remove odor problems and it is efficient in killing pathogens. It is actually used in food production and health quality. If used properly, ozone can be the solution for contaminated water and air and also to the increasing problem of global warming.

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