Why is papaya good for you?

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Papaya is a tropical fruit with a long, green body and bright orange flesh.  It contains various nutrients as other fruits making it a good food for the body.  The color of papaya’s flesh in itself indicates that it contains various nutrients that it shares with other yellow and orange fruits.  One such nutrient is Vitamin C, and papaya is one of many fruits that contains lots of this vitamin.  Vitamin C is considered a great vitamin in terms of providing a boost to the immune system and preventing the common cold and certain allergies.

Another good thing about papaya is that it contains lots of fiber which aids in proper digestion and also contributes to weight management.  Fiber is a nutrient that helps regulate sugar levels in the bloodstream making people less hungry.  With a decreased urge to eat, people will eventually consume fewer calories with the help of the papaya fruit.

Papain is another enzyme found in papaya, and this specifically helps muscle recovery from injuries.  People who get muscle trauma from rigorous training, for example, may benefit from a regular consumption of papaya fruit as it helps in the healing process.  Papain is also known to help people with allergies.

Papaya is also rich in various other minerals like folate, potassium, and magnesium.  It is also a good source of anti-oxidants which help the body get rid of free radicals traveling in the bloodstream.  With these antioxidants, papaya is considered a good fruit choice for body cleansing.  The papaya fruit also contains beta carotene which also acts as an immune system booster. With all of these nutrients in papaya, people’s general health will be improved.

All of these nutrients are present in every papaya fruit, but not all people actually have access to the actual fruit.  Instead, some people resort to various vitamin supplements and fruit juices that contain papaya to get its various health benefits.  Many of these preparations also contain various vitamins and minerals, but experts always suggest choosing the fruit over the pill or juice to get the most benefits.


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