Why is Patience important?

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Why is Patience important?

Patience is one of the virtues that man need to possess. We may have everything we wanted in life but all of these were achieved because of patience. Patience is what we need especially in times of heartaches, despair, and agony. If we don’t have patience in life, we make decisions instantly and this would lead to a more complicated situation. Patience is defined as uncomplaining endurance of pain, oppression, insult, or injury. It is also defined as the power of suffering with courage.
By looking into the definition of patience, it seems very impossible for men to have this because as human beings we would rather not inflict pain to our emotion; we would rather not wait and be disappointed. We lack the value of patience and with that we become too desperate to get the things we want at the quickest possible time.
There are a lot of instances why patience is important. When we wait, we make better decisions. We can also choose among the opportunities that come our way. When we are patient, we become more positive and hopeful with life.
We’ll have to accept the reality of life that not all we aspire will be given to us instantly. We need to sacrifice and wait. Things come at the most appropriate time and opportunity. If we have the patience to wait, that opportunity will be given to us just as we need it. But then if we don’t wait, we become desperate and we lost hope, thus losing the opportunity in the end.
Accomplishments and success are much more appreciated and valued if we invest time into it. If we want to achieve something, we need to work hard for it and not just rush things just to have it. Life is just life a well-baked cake. It needs proper mixture of ingredients and enough time for baking. If life has to half-baked, it would never be interesting and fulfilling.

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