Why is pcp called Sherman Hemsley?

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Sherman Hemsley, Sherman Alexander Hemsley to be exact is a well known personality for his association with the TV show George Jefferson, The Jeffersons and All in the Family. On the other hand PCP refers to Phencyclidine and it is well known as some kind of drug which remains responsible for hallucination and also known as a dissociative drug. Hemsley was a kind of rude and short tempered person in his personal life. These things have something to do with Hemsley being called as PCP.

Hemsley’s role in the TV series gave delight to a lot of people. When people end there busy schedule of the day and wanted to relax and get some amusement, Hemsley provided it to a lot of people with this excellent role playing in the TV series. And as PCP is something that is Anesthetic and helps a person to divert his mind from one mood to another, Hamsley did the same. Sherman Hemsley delightfully served people without knowing that he was actually serving them. He was serving people in the sense that he helped a lot of fans and other people who watched his shows on TV, to divert their mind to a different world for a time being. His exceptional and unique way of presenting his expressions made him being called as PCP.

The similarity between PCP and Sherman Hemsley clearly lies in the fact that both could be used as an Anesthetic. PCP is an anesthetic from the point of view of medicine and Hemsley from the point of view of sweet distracting capabilities through his fantastic works on the TV series.

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