Why is Peer Review important?

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Why is peer review important?

Though the saying Two heads are better than one.” is a bit cliché, still this is very much applicable in the present times especially in reviewing documents, researches, and papers.
Peer review is usually done to in improving the professional field such as in work place. There are many professionals who exercise peer review to improve the quality of work and to uphold excellent performance. Peer review is important in a working place to evaluate how each employee working and to assess whether the goals are met.
In education, peer review is also necessary to find out whether the learning objectives are achieved. When there is peer review, there is an assurance of better education and higher learning.
Peer review is also very common in scholarly work such as journals, research papers, and academic works. Before your manuscript is being published in a journal, there are reviewers who will evaluate your work whether it is fit to be published. These peer reviewers are experts in their fields so they are very much knowledgeable whether your paper is significant or not.
Some researchers misunderstood the value of peer review but actually having to undergo the process would mean quality assurance. In a scholarly journal, all articles need to be genuine, informative, and educational so if these papers have not gone under the scrutiny of peer reviewers, there will be no value to these works.
Peer review is necessary because all the great minds collaborate. There is less workload if review is done by a group. Also, biases can be avoided because there are a lot of opinions and ideas shared. If review is only done by a person, then he can be very subjective because he will just agree on what he believes in. With peer review, there are more comments, more information, and more positive improvements.

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