Why is Pele famous?

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Why is Pele famous?

Brazil is known for representing the country where soccer has originated. Brazil has given birth to a great football player of all time in the year 1940. He is none other than Pele. His real name is Edison Arantes do Nascimento. Pele was very poor by birth and was earning his livelihood by serving in a tea shop. Pele could not afford to buy a real ball and did the practice with grapefruit or by stuffing the sock with newspaper. Brazil people adore him as their national Hero. FIFA, which is the international governing organization for soccer has made Pele as the ambassador of football in the whole world.

Pele has used his popularity to uplift the poor people in most of the places in Brazil. Pele is so great in his heart that he dedicated his victory of thousandth goal to the poor children in Brazil. Pele was the member of the local club as the soccer player and he was representing the local club team at 15 years of age. He was taken into the Brazilian national soccer team at the age of 16. Pele won his first world cup soccer when he was 17 years old. The European soccer clubs were eager to sign Pele for their games. But the rules and regulations of the Brazilian national soccer allowed the Santos FC to sign him for about 20 years. They had let him play for their side till 1974.

The roles he has played in the soccer games were as striker, inside forward, and as playmaker. The naturality and technicalities that he displays in his game are world famous. Pele is well known for passing and dribbling in the game. He has a rapid pace in the game and can perform heading excellently. Pele is also watched for his unique ability of goal scoring. Pele is one among the cream of the soccer players all over the world. He is known to have won the world cup for 3 times with three various teams. Pele retired in 1977 and has been part of commercial activities and acting from then on. He has remained all time ambassador for the soccer sport from the time of his retirement.

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