Why is Penny Smith leaving GMTV?

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Why is Penny Smith leaving GMTV?

Penny smith has decided to leave GMTV after her period of stay here for 17 years. Penny smith was remembering all her years she spent in GMTV, waking up early every day for several years. She said that she would like to spend morning hours for sleeping here after. She was cheerful when expressing about her feelings towards the letters that she used to get which had various comments on her show. Many people used to praise her and many talked ill about her show. Some did talk about her make-up and some regarding her way of reading and so on. She says that she suggested people to choose ‘off, when they get bored of her voice or show.

Penny smith joined in GMTV in 1993 and has authored few novels. She has also created videos on yoga. She also released an album along with singing star Curtis Stigers. They both hosted a show in BBC where they together sang on the stage. They sang on ‘Just the two of us, in 2006. It is reported that Smith is leaving GMTV, as the GMTV has decided to make radical changes after a long time.

Penny smith was found to be leaving GMTV also because she was planning to write a third novel and was also going to host Radio 2 Opera show. She received tributes from all her colleagues including John Stapleton who co-hosted her programme in GMTV 6 AM to 7 AM ‘NEWS HOUR’.

It was also reported that smith was offered to participate in a revamped show. But she might have denied doing that as it was not substantial for her. Hence, she is leaving probably. Penny smith reveals the reason to a reporter straightly that if GMTV has not axed her morning breakfast show, she would not have left GMTV. She said that she did desire some changes in her work. But, she was enjoying the news hour very much and John as her co-host in the programme. She entered into Radio 2 Opera programme which she probably felt can bring her the same joy and satisfaction as that of the news hour at GMTV.

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