Why is Petroleum bad?

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Why is petroleum bad?

Petroleum is a liquid which can be seen under the ground. It is usually used as fuels for factories, vehicles, etc. Petroleum also called as oil is thick and black. Now, the petroleum we use is being dug up. This is because petroleum was formed millions of years ago when the heat of the earth turned the rocks into the fossil fuel.

Petroleum is bad because it is nonrenewable that’s why when the petroleum will be used up, it will again take millions of years to produce more of this. Going back millions of years ago, all the plants and animals that died were buried on the ocean floor. As time passes, these remains were covered by rocks. Now the remains turned into oil and gas deposits which can be found under the sedimentary rocks. This is the reason why people need to dig deeper into the earth soil just to look for petroleum.

One major disadvantage of using petroleum is its contribution to global warming. If more people use petroleum in factories and vehicles, the carbon dioxide being emitted will turn into greenhouse gases and will ruin the ozone layer that protects the earth from too much heat. Now, we can already feel this effect. Our ozone layer could no longer protect the earth so we experience intense heat and sudden change of climate.

Petroleum is also hazardous to health. Burning this fuel can damage the environment. It can emit dangerous gases that will pollute the air and water. When our air and water is polluted, animals and humans will get sick. Petroleum is also one major cause of ocean disaster. When there is oil spill because of the transport of oil from one country to another, the marine life will be harmed. Sea creatures will no longer breathe in the water because of the poison caused by petroleum .

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