Why is pharmacology important?


Pharmacology is a branch of medicine that deals with the study of how drugs affect the body.  Without studying drugs and their effects and/or side effects, people would not know how to treat or manage any kind of disease or illness.  For this reason, pharmacology is considered a very important branch of medicine.

In modern times, many people have depended on various drugs available in the market to treat a variety of conditions.  If one is having a fever, for example, he/she can just go to the drugstore and buy some pills that are specifically made to treat hyperthermia, or fever.  When the condition of this particular person does not improve in a few days, this person may seek medical attention and may be given a stronger or alternative drug to treat his/her condition.  Because of the availability of drugs, a person who may get sick these days is considered lucky and perhaps feels relieved that various drugs and medicines are well within reach. This whole process of getting some medicines to treat the common fever is made convenient because drugs for this type of illness are now readily available.  Without these drugs, those with headaches may continue to have them if they don’t know what pill to take.  Knowing how drugs work is all the more important when it comes to more serious conditions and life-threatening diseases.  In these cases, doctors need to know the specific actions of each drug before they are administered to patients.

Pharmacology basically helps people in terms of sickness and/or disease management. Aside from the drugs used, pharmacology also involves the study of a particular drug’s interaction with other drugs and its side effects. Through pharmacology, a drug’s action can be assessed as effective and safe for human consumption. Without pharmacology, people will simply not have enough information on drugs which are important for health and in medical emergencies.




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  1. Luke Smith

    January 9, 2023 7:14 pm

    I like that you pointed out how pharmacology involves the study of a particular drug’s interaction with other drugs and its side effects. I was watching an educational show last night and it was all about how drugs are developed. From what I’ve heard before, it seems you could even employ a clinical pharmacology consult company now, which sounds very useful for the pharmaceutical field.


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