Why is pig Haraam?

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Why is pig Haraam?

Pig meat is forbidden in Islam. The word Haraam’ refers to forbidding or avoiding in Arabic language. Generally it is the practice that animals are slaughtered by cutting at their neck region. Injuring the neck to kill the animal was found to be the method which will not be much painful for the animal. Since pig does not have neck, it is not used for slaughter and then as part of food. This is a belief expressed by some for avoiding pig meat. Even if this animal was allowed to be used in food, there are so many reasons that are reliable to avoid eating pig meat. In fact the religious book of Islam, Quran insists as the word of God that pig meat or pork is forbidden for eating. This is called as pig Haraam.

Pig is known to inhabit Trichinella spiralis in its intestines. This worm is known to cause trichinosis to the human beings. Trichinosis can turn out to be fatal for humans. Trichinella spiralis is not only the worm found in pig, 19 other worms exist along with it in the pig’s body. They cause various diseases in humans like rickets, thumps and mange. Trichina is a deadly worm and it does not get killed even after the pig meat was cooked. It is the opinion of the scientists that there is no proper treatment for trichinosis. So, probably the religious texts mentioned correctly about not eating the pig meat. The religious books could foresee the scientific facts and warn the believers to be protected from the danger.

Pigs are forbidden as they eat the feces of other animals as well as feces of it. Pig is considered as a dirty animal. Cysticercosis and Brucellosis are some more common diseases apart from trichinosis caused because of eating pork. Even Christianity also believes in not eating pork. Pork was prohibited in Quran as well as in Bible. As the pig harbors many worms which might cause around 70 different diseases in humans, pig is called as Haraam.

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