Why is Pilgrimage important?

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Why is Pilgrimage important?

In our life, we always want to search for something such as a significant place, moment, or event. In every religion, there is also a belief that a long journey can help develop the spiritual being of a person. This is what we call pilgrimage. A person who makes this journey is referred as pilgrim.

Pilgrimage is very symbolic especially those people who have strong belief in their religion. Take for instance the Christians, they believe that pilgrimage would mean returning to God. Centuries ago, pilgrimage took years and a lot of people even died along the journey. People were not scared of the dangers along the route because they believe that what they did was a devotion to God.

Now, pilgrimage is considered traveling to a place where you have not yet visited. It may be returning to your town or going to another country. Whatever way you do it, as long as you have the intention of making your faith stronger than before, then pilgrimage will always be a vital experience of your life.

For Muslims, pilgrimage is also important because it also fortifies their souls. Usually, Muslims visit has this tradition called Hajj where they visit Mecca and do rituals and prayers. But whatever your religion is or your traditions may be, pilgrimage is still important for us.

There are different reasons why people join a pilgrimage. Aside from the religious aspect, some people wanted to have some time off after spending their stressful life at work and personal matters. The pilgrimage allows them to seek personal peace and spiritual enhancement. Through this, they will face life with a positive attitude.

Pilgrimage can also be a long search of significance. There are people who are confused and bothered. By doing a pilgrimage, they will be enlightened of the decisions they are going to pursue and some may even find better opportunities in life.

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