Why is pink a girl’s color?

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girl-pdMost people associate pink as a color for girls.  Although some boys and men nowadays have pink shirts and ties, many people still think of pink as feminine and girlie.  From the day babies are born, pink is usually used for girls while blue is for boys.  As some form of identification, many hospitals have blue labels and blankets for baby boys, while the baby girls will always have pink.

There are many theories about why pink became somewhat the official color for girls.  Many believe that as early as 1868, some literature pointed out that pink ribbons were used for girls and blue for boys.  Some researchers also point that out that it was common in France during the 18th century to use pink items to identify girls compared to boys who are given blue items.  This tradition was said to be the practice in many orphanages across France which many people believe is the origin of the practice in hospitals nowadays wherein pink blankets are given to girls and blue for boys.

There are also other theories that suggest that pink was originally associated with boys because it was considered a much stronger color compared to the more relaxed hues of blue.  It was said that reddish colors like pink give a message of strength and so should be associated with boys.  Blue, on the other hand, was considered more dainty and cool and thereby appropriate for girls.  The same theory continued until the 1940s when the colors were inverted with pink now for girls and blue for boys.

Over several generations, pink has strongly been associated not only for baby girls but for all women in general.  Many feminist groups use pink as their main color, and there are also many activities and things associated with women that use the color pink.

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