Why is Pizza bad for you?

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Why is Pizza bad for you?

Eating pizza all the time will definitely cause problems. Pizza causes risk factors like heart disease and high cholesterol. The pizza can be stuffed with the vegetables on its top. The tomato sauce that is used on its top as ingredient will not be a problem for health. The cheese which is compulsorily used in pizza has high fat content. The fat will be in the form of saturated fat. The saturated fats that are present in pizzas will block the blood vessels and the body fat content also increases. The wheat dough that is used as base for pizza is rich in anti-oxidants. The cheese, fat and processed meat delivers their bad effects on the anti-oxidants which are in the bread dough.

Most of the pizza center makes use of refined-flour dough for preparing the base of pizza. But, whole-wheat flour dough is a healthy component of pizza. The sauce used in pizza has lot of sugar in it. If it is used moderately, then it is not harmful. The pizza with moderate quantities of grains, cheese, and oil and tomato sauce is not harmful for your health. The items when used in high quantities that are harmful for health are cheese, crust, sauce, pizza meat, and olives.

The use of partly skimmed mozzarella cheese, whole wheat crust and toppings like veggies, green leaf like basil, chicken or meat are some of the healthy ingredients in pizza. White bread which is rich in carbohydrates, high calorie content in processed meats, large slices with more calories in pizza is the unhealthy form of food. According to the USDA recommendations, it can be said that two slices of pizza will not harm us in a day based on the calorie content in it. The total calorie content that should be taken on an average for an adult is recommended for everyone. If the calorie content of the pizza is within the limits then it is fine to have pizza to the extent that is not causing harm.

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