Why is Pork bad for you?

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pork-1122171_640Why is Pork bad for you?

Pork has always been part of our meal. It provides protein which is essential for cell growth. However, too much pork may be hazardous to our health. Pork can be a source of vitamins, minerals, and also fats. To avoid bad cholesterol coming from the pork, proper preparation should be done.

Lean cut of meat will lessen the calorie content of the pork. However, cooking the pork also matters. Pork is bad for us if it is undercooked. It can be a carrier of disease. Undercooked meat might be the cause bacteria to grow and contaminate in our body if eaten.

In some countries, pork is forbidden because it came from pigs. Pigs are known to be dirty animals. They eat anything and stay in muddy places. With this, pigs are usually contaminated. Pigs have tissues which can be toxic because of the food they eat and the place where they are exposed.

The connective tissues of pig are rich in sulfur which contributes to osteoporosis. It also contains high histamine levels which causes allergic reactions.

Pork which came from pig is not good to our health especially if we include that in our daily diet. Pork contains lots of fats which contribute to the cholesterol level of our body. If our body contains bad cholesterol, our blood will have a hard time to circulate because the cholesterol blocks the blood’s flow.

History tells us that the Jews do not eat pork because of the illnesses it brings. Recent study reveals that contamination in pork is caused by parasites called trichinosis. With modern technology, pork is now cured by adding too much salt. This again would cause harm to the body because too much salt can also lead to the hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure. If this happens, we may suffer from heart attack and stroke that might lead to coma or worse death.

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