Why is pot called pot?

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The urban and slang term for marijuana is “pot.” And although many people have used and abused marijuana as a drug, not many of them know the origins of the word “pot.”  Most people encounter the word “pot” as a reference to marijuana leaves or some other drug form that contains marijuana.  But most of these people accept the term as just some form of urban or street lingo for this widely used and abused substance.

The word “pot” is actually a shortened version or derivative of the Spanish term “potiguaya.”  “Potiguaya” or “potacion de guaya” refers to some form of drink popular in Mexico in the past.  This kind of drink became popular because of the addition of marijuana leaves to traditional brandy.  And since many people who use or smoke marijuana also drink, the Spanish “potiguaya” eventually became just “pot” over the years.  And now, when people talk about “pot,” they mean the dried leaves of marijuana or any other substance or drug that contains marijuana.

Marijuana is sourced from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant.  The flowers and leaves are then dried for a variety of uses.  Most marijuana is abused for its addictive and/or psychogenic effects.  Many people have even become addicted because of the supposed “feel-good” effects of this particular substance.  People claim to be happier and more confident when they smoke marijuana, for example.  Because of this reputation, “pot” or “marijuana” is considered an illicit or illegal substance or drug in many countries.  But aside from having a reputation for being abused, “pot” actually has several benefits in the medical field.  In the past, marijuana or “pot” is actually used to treat certain medical illnesses.  But since this particular substance is addictive, many countries in the world have banned the cultivation, use, and sale of “pot” or marijuana.

Author: Hari M

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