Why is PPE important?

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Why is PPE important?

Personal Protection Equipment, commonly known in the health arena as PPE, is a specified term that refers to gadgets, equipments and paraphernalia that is worn to protect the person from any trauma, injury or spillage. More so, personal protection equipment is most evidently used among workers who are employed in hazardous field such as those handling chemicals, heat, electrical machines, and those prone to acquiring infection and other job-related occupational safety and health purposes. Also, personal protection equipment is also used by those who are highly engaged in sports and combats where hazards are sometimes inevitable. There are various equipments used for specific body parts. For instance, a mask is used to cover the mouth, a gown to cover the body, gloves for the hands and cap for the head. Such equipments are used depending on the procedure or activity that one engages into.
Personal protection equipment is one technique that is most commonly ignored by many. This becomes one of the reasons why various occupational accidents are happening once in a while. PPE is an important practice that should be carefully and strictly employed in various workplaces, particularly those who are more exposed to hazardous work and is at higher risk of meeting danger. PPE is important because its primary purpose is to protect the wearer from any serious injury or trauma, especially in the workplace. In addition to that, PPE encourages people to be conscious of cleanliness. Wearing PPE makes one conscious and aware of how cleanliness keeps one from getting ill. It provides an avenue for workers to be vigilant to their work and to their workplace. More so, PPE is important because it teaches the value of self importance and the value of safeguarding one’s health at all times in various conditions.

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